• "Fix Your Kitty"
    $50/female cats and $30/male cats

    Call to make your appointment.

    (979) 277-0400

    *April Only - Limited Availability and Limited to 2 cats/household
  • Animal Friends of Washington County
    A Non-Profit Organization dedicated to health
    & well being of dogs and cats.

  • We Need Your Help!
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  • Spay & Neuter Services
    Available for Dogs and Cats

    Vaccinations, heartworm testing and feline leukemia testing available
    for additional charges.

  • Dental Services Available
    Because our pets need “pearly whites” too!

  • Our Mission:
    Committed to aid in the prevention
    of animal over-population

Spay & Neuter Services

Dogs, Cats & Rabbits
We offer spay and neuter surgeries for all healthy dogs, cats and rabbits. Vaccinations, heartworm testing, feline combo testing, deworming, and other services are available at the time of surgery for additional fees.
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Wellness Clinic Services

For healthy animals only
Wellness appointments are scheduled in the afternoons. We provide preventative medicine & treatment, including: vaccinations, heartworm testing, feline combo testing, de-worming, spa package (nails, anals & ears) and a wide variety of heartworm and flea prevention. Heartworm treatment is also available. We have an in-house laboratory.
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