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The Dog Park at Animal Friends of Washington  Needs Your Help !

As you might know, the Animal Friends dog park was damaged in the spring floods in May. We have rebuilt the park, which has a fantastic dog pond in it, but it has depleted our emergency funds dramatically.  We continue to need your help in replacing the funds that it took to rebuild the dog park. Now is the time to show your support and donate funds for the dog park.  We can’t do it without you.  Every dollar counts.  Please give.

If you are a pet lover who would love to see a great place for pets and families have a safe place to play, now is when we really need your help!

Please donate.  

You can donate in honor of a pet, in memory of a loved one, or even anonymously. We truly appreciate our community’s continuous support during this time! Every dollar counts, no matter how big or small!

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Our Supporters:

In memory of Gwen R. Gist

Donor: Kristie Parish

In honor of Bobby Joe

In honor of Bobbi Jo from her evening play group! What a great life she had with volunteer Arthur Hahn & family. Daily visits to the Dog Park, much love & friendship. Rob, Diana, Gus & Gracie Shirley & Hazel Jim, VelAnne, Sweet Pea, Gypsy & Southy

Donor: VelAnne Clifton

In honor of Animal Friends of Washington County - from PetSafe

For all the animals at Animal Friends of Washington County. From your friends at PetSafe

Donor: PetSafe

In honor of Hazel

Hazel loves tho come play at the dog park!!!

Donor: Shirley McKinney

In honor of anonymous

Donor: William Hielscher

In honor of Keller Family

Donor: Brandon Keller

In honor of Trooper

Donor: Gary Pior

In honor of Our Golden mix, Roxy

Thank you all for helping provide this wonderful spot for our pets. They love it!

Donor: VelAnne Clfton

In honor of Page & Vince Michel

Donor: Page Michel

In honor of Peca Steinbach

Donor: Mark Steinbach