Guest article by CeCe Canty in Brenham Banner Press

It was almost one year ago that we had a guest column in The Banner Press. Friday, June 1, 2012, to be exact. In that article, titled “Dog Park in the Works,” CeCe told about our trips to a dog park in Houston along with the exciting news that one was to be built by Animal Friends of Washington County here in our county, on the west side of Highway 36 North, just out from town.

Guess what …. it was built and is about to open. And guess what else …yours truly (CeCe that is) gets to be one of the very first quadrupeds to christen it, so to speak.

Susan, let me take over please. You know how we canines like to mark the spot. I am sooooo excited; you can’t see it, but my very fine and fabulous tail is wagging like crazy.

Watch for the official opening date; it will be in The Banner-Press. You know how lots of kids have imaginary friends. So do I. His name is Luther and he is a magnificent Great Dane. We would be a sight to behold in the flesh — just like the comic strip Mutt and Jeff.

My plan is to take my friend to the dog park with me but we won’t be able to play in the same space. There are two sections, one for small dogs and one for big dogs. I am a 6 pound Chiapom you will recall. Our area has a pool shaped like a bone, but I probably won’t get in it because I don’t like to get my feet wet. My two-legged sisters tried to take me swimming one time. No thank you.

Lots of doggies will love it though. There are games to play, lots of room to run and a gazebo for owner comfort. Big, burly dogs, like Luther have an even bigger play area. It is totally separate from mine. It is for 20 pounds and over. Their pool is really big and oval shaped. You know how most big dogs love to run. They should have plenty of space for that fun. Another gazebo is in this area for owner comfort. I have to warn everyone, however, that there are some basic rules for using the dog park. The park is designed for dogs to have a fun and safe place to play free from the constraints of a leash (do you like that big word?)

Owners and/or handlers must pay attention to the rules or you and your pet may lose all dog park privileges. These rules will be posted, but I am going to list them here so you know in advance. Luther and I will thank you for your attention. Y’all come!!