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Large Dog Park:

The Dog Park at Animal Friends of Washington  Needs Your Support !

As you might know, Animal Friends has 3 separate dog parks – designated for large dogs, small dogs and an agility training park. Two of which have dog ponds too.  All are free to the public.  We do not receive any funds from the city, county or state to keep these parks open.  Maintenance to keep these parks as beautiful and clean is not free.  Please help us maintain these parks and send in your support.    We can’t do it without you.  Every dollar counts.  Please give.

If you are a pet lover who would love to see a great place for pets and families have a safe place to play, now is when we really need your help!

Please donate.  

You can donate in honor of a pet, in memory of a loved one, or even anonymously. We truly appreciate our community’s continuous support during this time! Every dollar counts, no matter how big or small!

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Our Supporters:

In honor of Amy Fehlau

Donor: Jacob Roskovensky

In memory of Alexandra Nicole Ivy

Because of her love of all animals

Donor: Sp.Ck. Forest PUD

In memory of Alexandra Nicole Ivy

Donor: Rick/Joan Kehlenbach

In memory of Nala

Donor: Steven Stelwagen

In honor of Harper

Donor: Kyle Nicholson

In memory of Virginia Elder

Donor: Peter Sundt

In memory of Mike Flenigan

Donor: david Huber

In honor of Danielle Bauer

In Honor of Danielle Bauer's 70th Birthday. Celebrate her life and commitment to children and animals.

Donor: Ann Marie Dingmann

In honor of Court Sansom

Ruby, Harper, and Jackson LOVED their time playing at your dog park. We’ll definitely be back!

Donor: Court Sansom

In memory of Mike Fleniken

It has been fabulous watching your progress over the years since Mike and I sat outside his house in our PJs and came up with idea to start your organization.

Donor: david huber

In honor of Amy Fehlau

Donor: Jacob Roskovensky

In honor of Independence Coffee Co.

Donor: Independence Coffee Co.

In honor of The McLarty's & Sargent

Donor: Jay Mclarty

In memory of Dixie Stevens

In memory of Dixie and her love of animals Rick & Joan Kehlenbach

Donor: Rick/Joan Kehlenbach

In memory of Dixie Stevens

In memory of Dixie Stevens - Marilyn Sanders and Julie and Jack Edwards

Donor: Julie Edwards

In memory of Dixie Stevens

Donor: Elizabeth and Robert Rigney

In memory of Dixie Stevens

Dixie Stevens loved all animals and always had a pet near or in her lap. She would be happy to know that she is helping Animal Friends to rebuild

Donor: Janet W Drake

In memory of Mrs. Dixie G. Stevens

Donor: Mike Trotter

In memory of Stella Wallace

Donor: Margaret Wallace

In honor of Frankbartrosie

You all Do great work!!!!!!!

Donor: Joyce Lilly

In memory of Gwendolyn Rae (Jackson) Gist

Gwendolyn will be in our hearts and memories. Sincerely, Texas Legal

Donor: Hilary Hunt

In memory of Gwen R. Gist

Donor: Kristie Parish

In honor of Bobby Joe

In honor of Bobbi Jo from her evening play group! What a great life she had with volunteer Arthur Hahn & family. Daily visits to the Dog Park, much love & friendship. Rob, Diana, Gus & Gracie Shirley & Hazel Jim, VelAnne, Sweet Pea, Gypsy & Southy

Donor: VelAnne Clifton

In honor of Animal Friends of Washington County - from PetSafe

For all the animals at Animal Friends of Washington County. From your friends at PetSafe

Donor: PetSafe

In honor of Hazel

Hazel loves tho come play at the dog park!!!

Donor: Shirley McKinney

In honor of anonymous

Donor: William Hielscher

In honor of Keller Family

Donor: Brandon Keller