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Large Dog Park:

The Dog Park at Animal Friends of Washington  Needs Your Support !

As you might know, Animal Friends has 3 separate dog parks – designated for large dogs, small dogs and an agility training park. Two of which have dog ponds too.  All are free to the public.  We do not receive any funds from the city, county or state to keep these parks open.  Maintenance to keep these parks as beautiful and clean is not free.  It costs $25,000 each year to keep the parks all groomed and beautiful.  Please help us maintain these parks and send in your support.    We can’t do it without you.  Every dollar counts.  Please give.

If you are a pet lover who would love to see a great place for pets and families have a safe place to play, now is when we really need your help!

Please donate.  

You can donate in honor of a pet, in memory of a loved one, or even anonymously. We truly appreciate our community’s continuous support during this time! Every dollar counts, no matter how big or small!

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Our Supporters:

In honor of Mayzie

I am just a one-time visitor but this is the nicest dog park I’ve ever seen! Thank you for letting us enjoy your beautiful facility.

Donor: ellyn clevenger

In honor of Jack Reacher

Donor: Allen Godwin

In memory of Rev. C. Kay Reed

Donor: Stacy Hobson

In honor of Susie Airhart

Donor: Susan Airhart

In honor of Ringo Star

Thank you

Donor: Joanne Clark

In honor of Bullet

Donor: Becca Murski

In honor of Egypt

Donor: Egypt Armstrong

In memory of Johnny Lacina Jr.

Donor: Danny & Laura Taylor

In memory of Gary Gabriel

In memory of Gary Gabriel and his dedication to this organization

Donor: Joan Long

In honor of Baussie

Donor: Andrew Ybarra

In memory of Joseph Wellborn

Donor: Bill Vaughn

In honor of Miss Onyx

She loves her time here with her furry friends.

Donor: Cameron Wright

In honor of Yahtzee

In honor of Yahtzee, and in memory of Betty White.

Donor: Rebecca Dinsmore

In honor of Rosie's Dog Park

This donation is Rosie's dog park

Donor: Crystal Nowicki

In memory of Patti Barnett Sidwell

Patti was a loyal friend to 4 and 2 legged creatures alike, and a joy to have as a friend.

Donor: Helen D Sumers

In memory of Lucy Muegge

Rest in Peace "Lucy Girl"

Donor: Lorna Wassdorf

In honor of Rosie

Thanks for having such a wonderful dog park to bring our fur babies. Had the honor of meeting Rosie and her passion for the park and the animals is contagious.

Donor: Renee Alfaro

In honor of For Fox and Scully

Thank you AFWC! You are the best.

Donor: Tyler Dansand

In honor of Lucy van Dog Pelt

Donor: Faith Heath

In honor of Calico Milkshake Tate

Donor: Sarah Welling

In memory of Deborah Sue Praesel Brandt

Donor: Margaret Coker

In memory of Nellie

Donor: Shelley Miller

In memory of Speedy

Donor: Steven Stelwagen

In memory of Rocco

Donor: Kelli Remmert

In memory of Carey Lacina

Donor: Johnny Lacina

In honor of Mike Flenigan

Donor: Cynthia Huber

In honor of Teddy

Thanks for being there.

Donor: Chris and Linda Woods

In memory of Ken Rixman

In Memory of Ken Rixman. He was a true animal lover. We and all of your animals miss you ❤️ The Parkhill Family

Donor: Nicolette Parkhill

In honor of Opal

Opal likes the dog park, especially if there are nice dogs to play with.

Donor: Tom Knodt